Pictta is the Official NFT Partner of Poly Auction & The Authority’s Debut NFT Exhibition

5 min readNov 1, 2021

With the immense explosion of NFTs in the global art scene, Pictta is pleased to announce a partnership with Poly Auction Hong Kong and The Authority to spread the magic of NFTs further with an exclusive collection of NFTs by leading NFT artists.

The collections are based around profile picture (PFP) type NFTs and feature the popular Smoochies, by Andreas Ivan, as well as pieces by 11 other internationally renowned artists. The debut exhibition is currently taking place at Pacific Place in Hong Kong and will end on the 9th of November 2021.

Interested buyers will be able to take part in an online auction hosted on the Poly Auction mobile app and WeChat mini programme from the 8th to 12th of November 2021.

Pictta’s Role as the Official NFT Partner:

With the immense growth of NFTs, especially throughout the pandemic, there is a lot of talk around the subject. However, even though the interest in NFTs is increasing, many don’t understand the true meaning of an NFT, how it works and how they can change the way we do things, not only in art, but our everyday lives.

As the official partner for Poly Auction Hong Kong and The Authority’s debut NFT exhibition, Pictta is responsible for educating and spreading the word about NFTs with the aim to share firsthand knowledge and experience with visitors, buyers and creators at the exhibitions.

About Andreas Ivan:

As an expat living in China, Andreas is separated from his parents thousands of miles. This distance has been extremely challenging. His mother’s longing to have him by her side led to the creation of ‘Smoochies’. As a sign of appreciation for his mother, Andreas created ‘Smoochies’ to replicate 3 the kisses his mother imparted in times of difficulty. The pouting design of ‘Smoochies’ is meant to convey the same love, comfort and support that the young Andreas received from his mother. Andreas hopes that the loving message underlying ‘Smoochies’ can bring a smile to its viewers and collectors.

About the MÆTHERIAL Collection:

Andreas Ivan initially designed 36 ‘Smoochies’. All 36 ‘Smoochies’ were 1 of 1 editions that sold out at record-breaking Ethereum valuations, breaking NFT sales records in Asia.

The MÆTHERIAL collection features 16 new ‘Smoochies’ created by Andreas Ivan, bringing the ‘Smoochies’ universe to a total of 52 Smoochies. The 16 ‘Smoochies’ will be launched as 1 of 1 edition NFTs and limited edition physical prints, which marks the first time Andreas’ ‘Smoochies’ will be created in Fine Art print.

Bidding for the NFT ‘Smoochies’ will take place between 8th to 12th of November 2021on the Poly Auction mobile app and the WeChat mini program. The buyer who casts the winning bid for any 1 of 1 edition NFT ‘Smoochies’ will receive the corresponding 1 of 8 limited edition print of the same ‘Smoochies’ for free. The remaining 7 prints for each ‘Smoochies’ will be sold at the Exhibition.

Are you BORED or NOT? Exhibition:

“Are you BORED or NOT?” is the second part of Poly Auction Hong Kong and The Authority’s NFT exhibition, featuring 11 internationally-renowned artists, all under one roof.

The artists have each designed 2 pieces of art, a ‘BORED’ version and a ‘NOT BORED’ version. Both NFTs present the same subject, but are differentiated by being ‘BORED’ or ‘NOT BORED’, a theme that is prevalent in the current NFT metaverse.

All ‘BORED’ creations will be one and only edition NFTs accompanied by 50 limited edition prints sold onsite at the Exhibition. Buyers of the prints will be placed into a lucky draw to win the 1 of 1 NFT version of their purchased artwork. All ‘NOT BORED’ creations will be exclusive edition NFTs, open for auction from 8th to 12th November in the Poly Auction mobile app and WeChat mini programme.

The 11 artists include:

Jonathan Jay Lee, Jasper Wong, Kongkee, Andrés Rivera, Dave Arcade, Lester Choy, Chi-Kit Kwong, JUM, Gaby Teresa, HOY, Viki Chan

Artist: Jonathan Jay Lee, Left: BORED version (Minute to midnight), Right: NOT BORED version (Midnight at the hour)

Feel free to visit Pictta, as well as view all the amazing artwork at Pacific Place, Admiralty (Next to Dim Sum Library)

Event details:

Andreas Ivan ‘Smoochies’ Exhibition

Date | 7th — 15th October 2021 (10:00–18:00)

Venue | Poly Gallery Hong Kong (7/F, One Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong)

Detail | 16 ‘Smoochies’ and physical prints of Andreas Ivan’s MÆTHERIAL series will be exhibited

Are you BORED or NOT? Exhibition

Date | 15th — 22nd October 2021 (11:00–20:00)

Venue | Shop 100B, Level L1, Pacific Place (Near Dim Sum Library)

Detail | Works of the 11 artists will be exhibited

NFT Online Auction

Date | 8th — 12th November 2021

Platform | The Poly Auction app and the WeChat mini program

Details | Lots will include 16 ‘Smoochies’ NFT works and 11 NFT works (the Not Bored Version) by other artists; 27 artworks in total.

About Pictta:

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